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Codefiniti Technologies is a leading software design and development company based in India, serving globally

Who we are ?

We are renowned for designing and developing web, desktop and mobile software for our clients worldwide. With a prime focus on user experience, our proficiency extends beyond the mobile, web, service integration, and strategy.

We are dedicated to developing custom software and mobile apps that are 100% tailored to your needs. Here, all we build is for you and in collaboration with you, so think of us as your team’s expansion, and usually, our teams work alongside yours.

Good software begins with the design of the user interface and, hence, we have our in-house team of talented programmers and UI experts who understand the end-users’ needs. We mainly work with Microsoft .NET, Android, iOS, server side integration technologies and Cloud technologies including Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. Research, analysis, and prototyping are our key factors to validate the decisions.

We follow a six step effective development approach as follows


This stage will help us define ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ we develop by understanding the interests of our customers and set priorities upfront.

Scope Definition

We create narratives, customer journeys, and a product map based on the data gathered. This will assist us in assessing the project’s scale.


Here we will help you to visualize ‘how’ we create the software. The simplest design is the solution for any software that functions well.


In this phase we transform application designs into smooth and lightweight user interfaces in accordance with guidelines.


Synchronizing server, client, and marketing activities for seamless rollouts, we deploy the whole software solution and any updates.


Following the completion of the project to provide you with assistance for the software, we give technical maintenance support.

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